Jeuveau, sometimes known as Newtox, is a botulinum toxin product used to treat a number of fine lines and facial wrinkles. It is considered more affordable than Botox and is the preferred option for many patients. If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face, consider Jeuveau in Delray Beach.

Young woman recieving injection of anti-aging Jeuveau to forehead

What Is Jeuveau?


Jeuveau is a neuromodulator injectable that contains a purified form of the neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A. It is injected into specific muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. Jeuveau works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses to the muscles, allowing the muscles to relax. This smooths out the targeted facial lines.


Ideal Candidates for Jeuveau


The ideal candidates for Jeuveau are patients looking for a safe and effective non-surgical way to address wrinkles like glabellar lines between the brows, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet. People who want to stop new furrows and wrinkles from appearing in the first place may also use Jeuveau, since it has preventative capabilities.

Jeuveau is not recommended for people who are allergic to botulinum toxin type A or those who have an infection at the intended injection site.

Your Jeuveau Consultation


Before getting Jeuveau, you will need an initial consultation with a dermatologist. Dr. Janet Allenby will discuss the advantages and potential complications of Jeuveau injections. The two of you will also talk about how many injections you need, how much they will cost, and what to do before and after the treatment.

During the consultation, tell Dr. Allenby about any pre-existing medical conditions, such as conditions involving your nerves or muscles. If you have experienced unintended side effects from using a botulinum toxin product in the past, discuss these with the doctor. It is also important to discuss whether you are pregnant, nursing, or have plans of getting pregnant.


The Procedure


The procedure often lasts around 15 minutes. In preparation for the Jeuveau injections, any makeup or cosmetic products in the treatment area will be removed. Then, the doctor will inject Jeuveau into the target frown lines.

As the botulinum toxin gets to work, it will cause the muscles around the treatment area to relax, smoothing out wrinkles. Results may start to show soon after the procedure. You may expect full results after a week or so.

What Is Aftercare Like?


There is no recovery time or downtime involved with getting Jeuveau wrinkle injections. You can resume your daily activities as usual, but make sure not to rub the injection sites to prevent the substance from reaching other parts of the face and causing side effects.

The effects of the Jeuveau injections will disappear after three to six months. If you want to keep the wrinkles at bay, you will need to come in again for new injections.


How Much Does Jeuveau Cost?


The cost of Jeuveau varies from patient to patient. The total price will depend on how many Jeuveau injections you require, along with the number of units used to achieve your goals.


Get In Touch


Are you curious about Jeuveau in Boca Raton? If so, schedule a consultation with Dr. Allenby. As a board-certified dermatologist focusing on cosmetic treatments, Dr. Allenby is an ideal option for your Jeuveau treatment. She uses modern solutions to help patients maintain a naturally youthful appearance. Contact Allenby Cosmetic Dermatology today for a consultation!

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“I could not be happier”


Dear Dr. Allenby, I wanted to again thank you for your amazing “touch” doing my injectables. You did such an incredible job, and I could not be happier…

by L.

(Disclaimer: Results will vary from patient to patient)

“I just love the way I look after a visit to Dr. Allenby”


I just love the way I look after a visit to Dr. Allenby. My skin has improved greatly and everyone tells me how wonderful I look. I get Botox and some injectables and it looks so natural…

by Karen K.

(Disclaimer: Results will vary from patient to patient)

“Outstanding results”


Dr. Allenby is truly an artist. I went in for more fullness in my lips and she took pictures of my face and quickly analyzed exactly what I needed. She pointed out one side of my face was less strong, she used Juvederm…

by Anonymous

(Disclaimer: Results will vary from patient to patient)

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