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Restylane® Silk is a dermal filler that has recently received clearance by the FDA for use in the United States, making it the only FDA-approved filler designed specifically for the lips and surrounding lines. Dr. Janet Allenby was chosen as one of Galderma’s Elite Injectors for Restylane® Silk, meaning she is one of few approved injectors. Its name may sound familiar because Restylane®, a similar filler, was approved in 2005 for the treatment of wrinkles and smile lines. Restylane® Silk, can be used for smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth and plumping up the lips.


Restylane® Silk, just like Restylane®, is made up of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, but the substance begins to decrease naturally due to age. A study that was performed prior to the approval of the product by the FDA showed that 98 percent of participants reported fuller lips two weeks after getting Restylane® Silk treatments. It was also reported that the results of the procedure lasted for a minimum of six months. Treatment time for a Restylane® Silk procedure can last 15-30 minutes.*


*Individual results may vary.

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Why Should I Choose Restylane® Silk?


One of the benefits of Restylane® Silk is that it does not come from animal-based materials. As a result, it is unnecessary to test for allergies prior to a treatment. However, the procedure is not necessarily appropriate for everyone. Individuals who have a history of hypersensitivity to anesthetics such as lidocaine or similar products should avoid it, as should those with a history of a bleeding disorder.


It is recommended that anyone who gets a Restylane® Silk treatment avoid large doses of Vitamin E supplements, St. John’s Wort, aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications because they can increase the risk for bleeding.


“I could not be happier”


Dear Dr. Allenby, I wanted to again thank you for your amazing “touch” doing my injectables. You did such an incredible job, and I could not be happier…

by L.

(Disclaimer: Results will vary from patient to patient)

“I just love the way I look after a visit to Dr. Allenby”


I just love the way I look after a visit to Dr. Allenby. My skin has improved greatly and everyone tells me how wonderful I look. I get Botox and some injectables and it looks so natural…

by Karen K.

(Disclaimer: Results will vary from patient to patient)

“Outstanding results”


Dr. Allenby is truly an artist. I went in for more fullness in my lips and she took pictures of my face and quickly analyzed exactly what I needed. She pointed out one side of my face was less strong, she used Juvederm…

by Anonymous

(Disclaimer: Results will vary from patient to patient)

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