Sculpting Beauty

As you age, your skin’s natural supply of elasticity and suppleness reduces – collagen significantly decreases. The result of this is the appearance of wrinkles and age lines on your face.

The loss of collagen may be due to illness too. Your skin’s natural process of rejuvenation can be activated by a process called Sculptra which facilitates the replenishment of lost collagen.

Collagen is the protein in your body that is responsible for bolstering cells and tissues. Sculptra is non-invasive, since it is an injection and works gradually, thereby helping to restore your facial volume over a period of time.

The Sculptra Effect

The Sculptra injection is made up of poly-L-lactic acid. This substance is synthetic and is biologically compatible. Its main function is the stimulation of the production of collagen, in places where stimulation has ceased to exist. It can be used in the treatment and management of creases, deep lines, and folds – what you get in return is an overall, more youthful facial appearance.

Sculptra has other benefits too, not just of the cosmetic kind. It is used to treat patients with HIV who experience facial fat loss. It has been approved by authorities, for this purpose, in 2004.

Sculptra Aesthetic is the brand name under which authorities approved it in 2009, for purely facial cosmetology – the purposes of which include the treatment of deep wrinkles and folds on the face.

People who may be eligible for the procedure must have good immune systems. The process may cause some swelling, redness, and pain, but only at the site of the injection. This is short-lived and goes away soon.