Dr. A Set’s the Record Straight on Lip Fillers

The number of patients getting lip enhancement has never been higher. With such popular demand, many people hear the words “lip injections” and they envision oversized, “duck-lips.” With the long list of fallacies and scary misinformation, you may be convinced that lip fillers aren’t for you. Check out these five popular myths about lip enhancement that may be preventing you from beautiful, natural-looking lips.

Myth #1: Lip Fillers Make Me Look Fake

You’ve seen the “fake over-sized pouty “ look that floods our social media channels and television screens and it makes you wonder if this is just how lip fillers are supposed to look. But we have good news! Not at all! This overfilling is common but there are many factors that contribute to this. This look is just a fad and the trend will soon dissipate. Manufacturers of lip filler products actually sell and market their products being competitive in the market for a very natural look, designed for those who have lost collagen. Patients tend to focus on the “picture” fill, all the way to the corners of the mouth and this does not allow natural proportions of the lip. The lips should be fuller in the center. This is also another crucial reason to find a knowledgeable injector that will guide you not only on how much filler, which type of filler, and correct placement to ensure your filled lips look as natural as possible.

Myth #2: Lip Fillers Will Damage and Stretch My Lips

The skin on our lips is some of the thinnest skin on our bodies, so it’s only natural to think that injecting something into them would make the skin stretch. But your body naturally absorbs filler over time and regardless of where it’s injected, your lips will return to normal after it wears away.

Celebrity Lip Filler

Myth #3: My Dream is to Have the Same Lips as My Favorite Celebrity

When considering a new hairdo, we all bring reference photos of a desired “look” we want to accomplish to our hairstylist and it’s quite the standard for patients to pull up photos and point out a celebrity’s lips as their end goal with fillers as well. But it’s important to set reasonable expectations when it comes to results for lip enhancements. Every lip is capable of change but the best results come from working with your natural lip shape in ways to enhance and compliment not only your lips but your entire face. There is no “one filler fits all” approach. Different products work in different ways and that is why it’s crucial that you go to an experienced injector who understands the realm of possibilities with lip fillers and how to achieve different looks, shapes, and even at times correction for an asymmetrical lip. Sometimes patients have very thin lips and need more than one syringe, but it’s a process of a couple of treatments to get the look that works for you!

Myth #4: I’m Ready for My Photo Shoot After Getting Lip Fillers

When booking an appointment to get your lips done, you do need to plan ahead! Lip fillers are very hydrophilic, meaning they draw in water, which helps give your lip that perfect fill. This also means they can swell and this can last a few days.
Dr. Janet Allenby, a world-renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, in Delray Beach, FL uses a blunt cannula technique to inject the customized filler to reduce any bruising and swelling. They also pair this treatment with products like INhance Post-Injection Serum by Alastin with TriHex Technology®, specially designed to work with injectables to help accelerate recovery from post-injection bruising and swelling. Another easy trick is to use ice! In a few days, your lips will be healed and ready to pose for that perfect selfie!

Myth #5: A filler is a filler and they are all the same

This is not the case! Each filler offers different features along with results and should be considered by your injector to find the best filler for your needs. Most injectors offer a variety in their practice, with different price points, and will discuss with you which one to use. The best fillers for lip augmentation are going to be soft ones that don’t create bumps or nodules, move or migrate over time, and have the ability to integrate into the tissue where it’s injected and mold to your tissue. It should become one with your lips! Brands like Restylane and Juvéderm, are perfect because they are soft and provide a very natural result. To be more specific fillers umbrellaed under those brands like Kysse, Volbella, Vollure, Silk are all prime examples of fillers that are soft and provide a very natural result. Explain your goals with your injector and choose one together!

Lip Filler Special - Valentine's Day We hope some of these myth busters about fillers have helped clarify some of the negative noise out there about lip fillers. The most important thing you can do when getting lip fillers is to find a reputable and experienced injector to walk you through all of your possibilities. We would love to welcome you in for a consultation where we will go over your lip filler treatment plan and make sure you are happy with your results. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation and take advantage of our Valentine’s Day $200 off filler promotion!