Over the past 25 years lasers have become a staple in the cosmetic industry. Lasers are utilized to improve the quality of the skin. Despite that, there is still a lot of mystique and misunderstanding surrounding these treatments. Over the years many of the “wrinkles” have been worked out of any perceived problems. “Getting lasered” no longer means months of downtime, pigment loss, or scarring from the procedure. Each laser has it’s own treatment profile that allows us to address pigment, texture, and laxity with varying degrees of downtime. 

      Studies have shown that patients can look up to 15 years younger when they only corrected pigment problems like brown age spots, rosacea, and red vessels. IPL laser (Photo Facial)  is an ideal treatment in addressing these concerns. IPL is a simple procedure with no downtime, and yet it yields satisfying results. Depending on the severity of the skin problem, an optimal treatment plan can be devised for each individual. This treatment is ideal for golfers  and tennis players who have taken the brunt of the harsh sun, who don’t want downtime interfering with their lifestyle.

      Wrinkled skin around our eyes and mouth known as crows feet, and smokers lines are one of the most common concerns that people seek treatment for. “Non ablative CO2” is a non invasive, collagen stimulating treatment that tightens the skin. With this laser the surface of the skin is not disrupted allowing this to be the perfect weekend treatment. This treatment can address face, neck, chest, and hands on any patient that is fighting crepey skin. This procedure is perfect before an event like a wedding or bar mitzvah.


As the industry grows and our options expand, we have found combining different devices may produce unparalleled results. Profound is Radio frequency delivered through micro needling it is a recently developed treatment that offers a deep tightening effect, this will reduce skin laxity and give an overall lifted appearance. Fractional CO2, an ablative laser treatment, that resurfaces and tightens the skin is frequently combined with Profound to produce a deeper tightening effect likened to the results of a facelift. With these impressive results,  plan on scheduling some down time. These treatments are geared towards patients with a lot of sun damage and wrinkles who want to avoid the surgical route while still achieving a natural lift. As a Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Allenby and her well trained staff will customize the treatment to target your specific needs and goals while always being readily available and attentive throughout the entire process.

      Having more device options allows us to optimize the results of your skin treatment. Using medical grade skin care will ultimately protect your investment and more importantly your skin.



Dr. Janet Allenby, D.O