Growing up as a male in a household focused on the cosmetic field has made for an unconventional upbringing. My mother sold a wide assortment of cosmetic products and procedures. I’ve seen it all! From injectables to a skin “pen” that gets rid of scarring. I would accompany her to doctors offices and during these ventures, I heard the horror stories, saw the amazing improvements, and learned about the costs associated with these procedures. It became clear that halting the aging process or changing your body is now completely feasible.

CoolSculpting has always interested me, so this year I decided to do it! CoolSculpting is a permanent solution for those who live a healthy lifestyle but are struggling with stubborn fat that won’t dissipate. This procedure is not for weight loss, but rather a way to “sculpt” your body to your desired result. In my case, diet and exercise wasn’t enough to rid me of my love-handles. So I sculpted my sides/flanks in order to achieve more of a V-shape.

Going about the procedure was a very simple experience. Dr. Allenby is the only CoolSculpting provider in my area with four machines, she also provides the CoolAdvantage technology. This means that you will have less down time, swelling, and discomfort. In addition, this technology cuts the normal procedure time in half, from an hour to thirty-five minutes. To be able to lose 25-30% of the fat cells in the treatment area, in only thirty-five minutes, is impressive. Though results will be seen in two to three months, the fact that shaping your body is this painless and easy makes this procedure a must do!

In todays society, men may tend to stay away from the cosmetic world. I for one have a different outlook and feel that the scene is quickly changing. Men are taking pride in their appearance, and maintaining their youth is becoming a huge component. CoolSculpting is one way of accomplishing this! When I saw my results, and realized a life long problem had been solved I knew this would be a treatment worth sharing. So don’t leave all the fun for the ladies. Let’s make sure we’re remaining in the game. We need to look our best as we present our best.