NovaThreads are sutures that are placed underneath the skin during the procedure known as a thread lift. The purpose of the procedure is to physically lift the skin and enhance collagen production for a younger look.

There are two types of techniques of this procedure:
1. NuLift: Places threads underneath skin to pull it taut and reposition it. This method can be utilized on the neck, jowls, and face to fix the patient’s sagging skin.
2. NuMesh: Places a mesh-like material underneath the skin. This is effective in encouraging the body to produce collagen and heal around the material. The collagen produced in this method leads to increased skin firmness.

Thread lifts are quick and easy and require little downtime. When it comes to your face looking youthful, you deserve the best. If you’re ready for a lifted appearance with NovaThreads, set up a consultation today at Allenby Dermatology. Contact our office and schedule an appointment!