Botox is a simple cosmetic procedure that involves administering refined neurotoxins into the target areas in order to reduce or eliminate age lines. The treatment requires administering several small injections, as against the misconception that Botox involves a single big injection. However, the number of injections required depend upon and varies with the individual.

No Recovery Period!

Botox is different from a plastic surgery. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, you need not cover your face when you go outdoors or keep yourself off from work after the procedure.

The botox treatment is hardly painful with no recovery period; yes, you can get back to your routine almost immediately after undergoing the cure. However, there are certain things you need to be careful about after the procedure.

Take care to

  • Not lie down for the first few hours after the Botox procedure since lying down can put pressure on the face and cause irritation in the area. Stay upright at least for 4 hours after receiving Botox injections.
  • Not massage your face. Do not use any moisturizing or cleansing products to rub/clean your face. Avoid getting a facial as well. Botox can migrate if you massage or rub the injection sites.

There is absolutely no downtime for Botox. You might notice small bumps at the injection sites after the procedure but they disappear quickly. You can, in fact, walk in to a cosmetic clinic at your convenient time, get the procedure done, and walk back to work immediately after the treatment.